Our Vision

We think that architecture means nothing with itself, but gets meaning of the existence, when people use it.
We would like to be a supporter who works under the stage, so named ANDas.
And we need many people to make architecture, and that connection(and) with them is important to us.
We aim to be a company which becomes the linking bridge of the next generation.

Company name ANDas co., Ltd.
Founded on May 22, 2015
Date of establishment January 4, 2016
Capital 20,000,000 yen
Osaka Head Office

541-0053 GTC bldg. #503, 4-5-4 Honmachi Chuo-ku Osaka, Japan
Tel:+81-6-4963-2326 Fax:+81-6-4963-2328

Sakai Office

590-0007 1st floor,1-9-6 Kitasho-cho Sakai-ku Sakai-City Osaka,Japan
Tel:+81-72-275-6526 Fax:+81-72-275-6527

Tokyo Office

103-0004 5th floor,2-16-4 Higashi-nihonbashi Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan
Tel:+81-3-5829-8114 Fax:+81-3-5829-8124

Kyoto Office

600-8183 95, Ebisunocho, Shimogyo-ku,Kyoto-city, Kyoto,Japan
Tel:+81-75-353-2326 Fax:+81-75-353-2328

Nagoya Office

454-0053 4-11-1 Sotoshincho,Nakagawa-ku,Nagoya-shi,Aichi,Japan
Tel:+81-52-365-2335 Fax:+81-52-365-2336

Osaka Factory

590-0001 4-5-3 Oriono-cho Sakai-ku Sakai-City Osaka,Japan
Tel:+81-72-230-4978 Fax:+81-72-230-4979

President and CEO Satoshi Azuma
Senior Managing Director Tai Kabata
Junior Managing Director Nobuyuki Shimomukai, Fumitoshi Yasui
Part-time director Seiichi Azuma (Certificated tax accountant)
Counsultant lawyer Tatsuno/Ozaki/Fujii law office
Counselor Umetani Social insurance labor consultant office

建設業許可(特-2)第144971号 一級建築士事務所(イ)第 24928 号 宅建業 大阪府知事(1)第61482号

Group company Base Corporation Inc. MORE
May 2015 Establishment
January 2016 Change Organization Corporation In Nishi Ward, Osaka
March 2016 Registration First Class Architect Office
April 2016 Building License Acquisition
September 2016 Start Manufacture Hotel Furniture In VietNam Furniture Factory
October 2016 Open Tokyo Office In Taito Ward, Tokyo
December 2016 Moving Head Office To Chuo Ward, Osaka (Current Registration)
May 2018 Open Production Headquarters In Sakai Ward, Sakai
December 2018 Implementation Furniture Construction In Myanmar
July 2019 Establishment Vietnam Local Subsidiary ANDas Vietnam Co.,Ltd
August 2019 Moving Showroom And Tokyo Office To Chuo Ward, Tokyo
November 2019 Open Osaka Factory In Sakai Ward, Sakai
September 2020 Opened Kyoto Office In Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto
November 2020 Obtained a specific construction permit
January 2021 Opened Nagoya Office In Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya
  • 70% 30% 20's 12% 30's 30% 40's 30% 50's 15% 60's 9% 70's 3%

    *As of January 2021

    Company gender ratio/age graph

  • START 3 people 2016 6 people 170 million yen 2017 6 people 480 million yen 2018 12 people 570 million yen 2019 21 people 1.32 billion yen 2020 29 people 1.1 billion yen 2021 33 people Target 2 billion

    *As of January 2021

    Sales/Employees Graph